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GAP Entrepreneur

Franchise Opportunities

As the founder of GAP Entrepreneur, I’d like to formally welcome your enquiry into the GAP Entrepreneur franchise page. I sincerely hope we can facilitate your enquiry with accuracy and clarity, a feat not too easy to accomplish due to the multilayered aspects of what is on offer. GAP Entrepreneur is the only business training entity of its kind worldwide. It operates in a different space and is totally unconventional. What we do and how we do it is revolutionary and cannot easily be replicated. It is the only diagonally orchestrated income generator in franchising today. GAP Entrepreneur has three license offerings namely, kidCEOjuniorCEO and the apprenticeCEO programs.


The first of which is kidCEO, which is aimed at a market aged 13 – 16 years, who are in a position to learn about business through a carefully constructed training platform designed to highlight entrepreneurship, get them mentally ready and equipped to conceive starting their own business. We are never too young to learn about how owning a business differs from getting a job and thus kidCEO gives extremely valuable insight for growth.



The apprenticeCEO program is designed for those who have successfully completed the juniorCEO program and have been invited to join as an Apprentice CEO. Only the top  5% will have the opportunity to join this level of training and benefit from its world class business training.


Each program runs separately from each other but are symbiotically interlinked and support each other. If you are confused already, that’s okay, as it is quite complex. It is also the only franchise in the world that makes its full investment back in its first income streamed month. A 100% ROI in the first months income! This is unheard of in business.

With this in mind, it makes it nearly impossible to fathom the scale of the opportunity, due to the fact that one views what we do with conventional wisdom. GAP Entrepreneur has 8 opportunities within itself and cannot really be explained in a one-dimensional document. We send out a disclosure document on request, that explains what we do. We send this after we have done a short assessment of what your background is and to see whether we are a fit for each other.

There are generally three types of people who buy a franchise:

  1. Those who are sick and tired of doing what they are doing and are looking for something new to create an income stream from.
  2. Those who’ve come into some money and want to buy a business as an additional income stream.
  3. Those who have been retrenched, or laid off, and cannot find a job so they realise they will need to “buy an income stream” by purchasing a franchise.

We interview over one hundred applicants each month, most of which fit into the above three categories.

This is what we are looking for:

  1. Someone who wants to grow into an awesome businessperson through our internal mentorship and coaching program.
  2. Someone who is genuinely ambitious and understands diagonal income streams.
  3. Someone who is teachable and prepared to roll up their sleeves and do some work.
  4. Some who understands business and wants to make a career out of raising others and building people.

If you are part of our team you will:

  • Recruit future business leaders through our unique funding model.
  • Mentor and coach young EA’s (Entrepreneurial Apprentices) in starting their own businesses.
  • Build teams of businesses within the GAP Entrepreneur Business Model.
  • Own your own Business Hub for a specific region.

We are excited with our growth thus far and welcome further franchise licenses.

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